Apple Bites | Loring Place

This month’s culinary attraction is none other than Chef Dan Kluger’s Loring Place, located at 21 W. 8th Street in the heart of Greenwich Village. The restaurant represents the culmination of a lifelong dream for the chef who has cooked in some of New York’s most beloved restaurants for the city’s very best.  Chef Kluger is best known for leading the teams at ABC Kitchen and ABC Cocina as their Executive Chef, the latter of which was famously named Best New Restaurant 2011 by the James Beard Foundation.  No small feat.

Chef Kluger’s skill for creating delicious market-driven dishes marked by unusual flavor combinations has a new home and is on full display at Loring Place via its menu.  Comprised of small and large plates, alike, the dishes feature farms and farmers whom Kluger has gotten to know intimately over his two decades frequenting the Union Square Greenmarket.

The restaurant’s name was inspired by the street that Kluger’s father grew up on in the Bronx.  This beautiful homage to Arthur Kluger is just one of the many ways in which the spirit of the city is so deeply rooted in the restaurant, itself:  from the energy of passersby seeping through its front windows, to the original beams of the late 1800’s building reincarnated as the restaurant’s refurbished tables.  The style of warm, effusive hospitality that’s a centerpiece at Danny Meyer’s establishments, Kluger’s original introduction to the industry, is palpable, as is the culinary craft of years’ worth of experience passed down to the current generation.

Loring Place, simply put, is a celebration of New York and all things local.

Apple Bites | Becky’s Bites

Some people love bacon, others adore ice cream, and others still can’t get enough of cream cheese, one of the main NYC food groups.

If you are one of these cream cheese lovers, we’re about to make your day: Becky’s Bites has just opened in the East Village to much fanfare. A friend of our team is responsible for bringing her love of cream cheese to the masses via her cream cheese bakery, featuring Beckaroos (think dunkaroos but even more addictive), various mini bagels and scrumptious cream cheese flavors (we recommend the bacon, egg & cheese cream cheese) as well as tiny tarts too . And that’s not all: the venue offers a spread of sweet and savory treats, alike.  If this doesn’t excite you, Becky’s Bites can also be found on Seamless – a sweet bite of perfection from your couch.

Her vision is making NYC as famous for its cream cheese as it is for its bagels. Let’s help make her vision a reality … ‘Meet you there!

Apple Bites | Public Kitchen

Jean-Georges has been quite busy of late with the opening up of Public Kitchen in Ian Schrager’s Public Hotel on the Lower East Side. The restaurant is already the hotel’s centerpiece, and it’s only been open since June. The 150-seat venue offers a kaleidoscope of styles and dishes, representing NYC’s “intermingling tapestry of cultures”, as he notes. The corn and basil pot-stickers are precious, the three-cheese pizza comes fresh out of its wood-burning stove, the popcorn-cheddar frico is truly a unique work of culinary art, and the fried chicken sandwich with cherry pepper mayo and yuzu pickles is nothing short of spectacular. Save some room for the chocolate and matcha soft-serve ice-cream while you savor your meal in an enchanting ambiance with a great bar and a lush outside garden. Did we mention that your pooches are also welcome? Take a peek at the menu and you’ll see why Public Kitchen is already a public success.

Apple Bites | Eat Your Heart Out NYC

Mmmm … brunch. Our favorite meal of the week! If the snow or rain was your excuse for skipping brunch as a staple weekend experience, it’s time to bring it back into the fold.

  • Let’s start with Augustine: This Fidi brunch spot is the latest addition to Keith McNally’s food empire, and it does not disappoint. People are already smacking their lips over the brunch items on its menu: from its Egg-in-a-Hole with Smoked Salmon and Heirloom Beet Tartine, to its Huckleberry topped Ricotta Pancakes and its bounty of a bread and pastry basket (who else has canelés and Nutella madeleines in there?).   Its hangover drinks are a perfect remedy for a long Saturday night out.
  • Moving on to De Maria: Too trendy for most of us, mortals, this Nolita restaurant has some truly unique picks, which you can savor on its patio. From its Toast with Avocado and lavender salt-cured salmon and its Chocolate-chestnut Waffle, to its House-made Tahini yogurt with sumac and apricot (yum) and Rooster Bowl (grains, seaweed, cured fish, and vegetables), its All-Day-Breakfast menu lives up to its name.
  • Closing out with Sunday in Brooklyn: This Williamsburg all-day restaurant is already making headlines with its hedonistic brunch options. Its Malted Pancakes are sheer decadence with hazel maple praline and brown butter, while its Egg & Sausage sandwich is lavished with gochujang aioli and cheddar on a brioche. Its drinks are also to die for, particularly its Sunday, Bloody Sunday Mezcal Bloody Mary and Sambal mix (and no…that is not a typo).

These are at least three good reasons to wake up a little earlier on Sunday mornings, even though they might warrant an indulgent nap thereafter.

Apple Bites | Daily Provisions

Danny Meyer debuted a new restaurant this month, and it’s already gaining a huge following. Daily Provisions was envisioned as a “take-home” version of the key conceptual ingredients behind Union Square Café … a distilled version, if you will, of the much famed eatery. Located at 103 East 19th Street, it offers items that one would consider eating every day (ergo its name). While the pastries, sandwiches and in-house breads it offers can all be eaten at its bar seats and tables, the idea is to meet the culinary needs of those who live and work in Gramercy … a local stop for provisions. According to the “experts” here are the must-try items on the menu: the Cruellers, Breakfast Gougeres, Sprezzatura Loaf, Rotisserie Chicken and (the show-stealer) Chicken Milanese Sandwich. If you stop by, send us a note to let us know which is your favorite!

Apple Bites | Tim Ho Wan

Normally, in the Apple Bites section of the Apple Peeled, we feature several notable restaurants that might pique your palette. In this case, we have been wowed enough by Tim Ho Wan, an East Village Dim Sum Restaurant, to feature it and it alone.  Why, you ask?  Feel free to pick from among any of the enticing reasons, gathered from here and here:

  • “The world’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant.” Foodie + value?? What is there not to love!
  • “Waits as long as three and a half hours.” What die-hard New Yorker isn’t attracted to the self-punishing wait for an in-demand culinary treat?
  • “First US location … items all priced under $5.” Novelty + accessibility … who are you guessing is waiting in those lines: tourists or locals?
  • “See you later Cronut queue and Black Tap gaggle, there’s a new longest line in town.” … and yes, they have limited hours to boot.

If you’re a dim-sum fanatic, or just like being in the know and on trend, head over to Tim Ho Wan … and then drop us a little note of what you thought of it. We’ll live vicariously through you…

Apple Bites

We are changing our usual tune and exploring multiple culinary spots.  This time we are diving into the greatest specialty stores in the city:

La Boite:  this biscuit and spice niche creation is located at 724 11th Avenue, and was created by Chef Lior Lev Sercarz who has worked with some of the most sought after chefs in the world.  From the website:  “inspired by his passion for spices and the stories they tell, Lior began his own journey studying spices and their origins, eventually creating his own blends. Each of them is a reflection of a place, a moment, or cultural influence.”  La Boite’s spices and treats are sold by notable retailers like Eataly and ABC Carpet & Home.

Murray’s Cheese:  a deservedly long-time staple in the NYC cheese and dairy scene, Murray’s has proven time and time again that there’s no substitute for quality cheese, meats and specialty foods.  Murray’s makes pairing cheese with complementary nibbles and wine easy, transforming its shoppers into culinary experts with little effort. It’s home to public and private classes, and boasts its own monthly clubs of cheese, meat and pair of the month. Did we mention that it ships all around the country?

The Meadow:  the meadow is the brain child of a true salt aficionado, Mark Bitterman, boasting 100+ salts, 700+ chocolates and 280+ bitters.  With its NYC store located at 523 Hudson, it “is a true neighborhood food shop, offering a daily dosage of chocolate and flower arrangements to many loyal West Village residents.”  Mark has been featured in the NYT, The Splendid Table, ABC News and the History Channel, among others, for his extensive work on and with salt.

Economy Candy:  unlike the above specialty stores, Economy Candy is a nuts and bolts, non-pretentious, simple, family-owned candy store that literally sells all that your candy-addicted sweet tooth could possibly want.  The store is situated on the Lower East Side, and has been since 1937.  Via barrels, boxes and bins, it continues to offer one of the best varieties for candy and nuts in all of NYC.  It’s no wonder it has been referred to as “Willy Wonka’s dream”!