Our proprietary Mortgage Finance Director is available to all our clients as a trusted consultant, completely independent from any mortgage lender or bank. He’s an advocate for you, in place specifically to ensure that you have the best possible home-buying process with the least amount of stress. He’ll also ensure that the sellers we represent accept offers from highly-qualified buyers.

How many real estate teams have their own Business Development & Financial Director who will: 

The mortgage process is more complex than it used to be. Lenders require more documentation than ever before. The most prepared borrowers get through their mortgage process faster, with more efficiency and with fewer headaches. We can tell you exactly what documentation and information will be expected so you’re positioned to have a painless journey to the closing table. We can also proactively identify and offer viable solutions for potential red flags on a mortgage application.

The mortgage process is not rocket science, but some lenders know how to make it feel that way. This process is not top-of-mind for anyone who doesn’t work in the industry. Most people only endure it a couple of times in their life. So, if you don’t understand something, we’re here to explain or to translate.

Wouldn’t it be less stressful if you had someone on your side that could speak your loan officer’s language and could join you on a conference call to ensure that all the most important questions were asked?

Busy professionals don’t always have time to rate-shop multiple lenders. But they still want to be sure they’re getting the best rate and the best service. We’re in constant contact with the best mortgage professionals in the area. We know which lenders can move quickly and who has the lowest rate in town.

An expert real estate agent can help you to negotiate the best possible price when you are buying or selling property. But most of the time, you’re on your own when it comes to negotiating mortgage rates and fees.

We know what fees might be negotiable and we know when and why lenders are allowed to reduce rates and fees in today’s regulatory environment. We’ll make sure the lender you choose offers their best-case-scenario.

Do you know the difference between discount points and an origination fee? Do you know when it makes sense to “buy-down” your interest rate? Do you know how much a purchase CEMA can save you? We do. Why leave those stones unturned?

Wouldn’t you feel better if a mortgage expert worked for you to police your loan process? Our Mortgage Finance Director knows what questions to ask, and he’ll tell you if the numbers look right.

We ask all our clients to provide specific feedback about their loan experience, so that we can make positive or negative recommendations to our future clientele. We track all of that feedback to make sure we only recommend lenders that are consistently delivering an excellent effort throughout their loan process.

There are several important milestones during everyone’s loan process. Live application. Appraisal ordered. Appraisal received. Loan Approval/Commitment. Clear-to-close… Time-wise, there are reasonable expectations for reaching each of those milestones. We’ll track your progress and make sure all expectations are being met.

Occasionally, a buyer will hit an unforeseen hiccup in their mortgage process. Some loan officers have seen a thing or two and some haven’t… And sometimes, there’s more than one way to skin-a-cat. The rules and guidelines that govern mortgage finance do occasionally allow for creative thinking – That’s required to overcome some roadblocks. Our team has seen a lot of things that stood in the way of the finish line. If there’s a solution, we’ll make sure it’s presented.

When you list your property with us, the obvious goal is to find a buyer that is willing to pay your asking price. But our job is not over when there is an acceptable offer on the table. Our mission isn’t accomplished until the sale is final. We know that too many real estate transactions unravel because the buyer’s financing falls apart. 

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