Purchasing or selling a property in one of our cities—New York City, Westchester, The Hamptons, South Florida, Aspen, Dallas, and Southern California—is both exciting and incredibly complex, especially in New York City where you’re harvesting the benefits of one of the most dynamic real estate markets in the world.

As a result, you’ll need for your real estate advisor to be nothing short of remarkable. Your shrewd listener. Your tireless advocate. Your effective negotiator. Your partner.

That calling defines us. When you work with the ESPINAL|ADLER Team, you acquire a collaborative consultancy with two seasoned principals, a growing powerhouse of agents, the vast reach of Douglas Elliman, and the best of all possible worlds. We bring you the hard skills you need—astute analysis, polished representation, and deep insiders’ knowledge. And the soft skills you want—unshakable professionalism, powerful connections, strong relationship building, and resolve.

In the past, we’ve represented some of the highest-priced sales in New York City, but now, as times change, we share the same level of energy and attention in our other markets as well. That’s how we’ve built such a great reputation: deal by deal, and client by client. Wherever life may take you, we’d love for you to experience this with us.

Marie Espinal’s service as a hybrid real estate professional is all-encompassing, providing a way for individuals’ real estate needs to be managed by one person with in-depth knowledge of the residential, commercial, and financial markets. Marie relies on her strong financial background to help her clients with the more complicated aspects of the purchasing process. In addition, her experience with the residential and commercial real estate sectors allows her to offer insight from the vantage point of an all-around insider. Marie always strives to provide unparalleled service and act as her clients’ experienced advocate, liaison and partner in every aspect of the transaction process. 

Jeff Adler is an information and news junkie who satisfies this hunger by arming himself with the tools needed to consistently deliver for his clients. Having come from a previous career in media sales, he has learned to efficiently synthesize all the market data available across New York City’s various micro-markets (uptown, downtown, east and west) and bring comprehensive qualitative analysis to various buying and selling strategies. He’s also a homeowner and expert in the Miami/South Florida market as well, with extensive knowledge in the various neighborhoods South Florida has to offer. This level of professionalism and dedication enables Jeff to engage his clients efficiently by cutting through the clutter and identifying significant opportunities.

Marie Espinal


Years in the Industry: 14

575 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10022
Office: 212.350.2240
Mobile: 718.772.2400

Jeff Adler


Years in the Industry: 11

575 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10022
Office: 212.350.2262
Mobile: 917.968.5134

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