We use Douglas Elliman’s vast reach to connect with thousands of prospective buyers, but when it comes to marketing your property, we have our own in-house Marketing Director and are not reliant on Douglas Elliman’s marketing. We are self-run, self-driving, and always a few steps ahead of the competition.

We aim to start showing your property as soon as possible, and to do that, we have in place a marketing process for optimum efficiency. We get to work on marketing your property right away, review materials as soon as they’re complete, and launch to market within days. When we liaise with outside parties like photographers and designers, our Marketing Director manages for quality and speed, working from a roster of established, proven professionals to deliver a seamless marketing plan in minimal time.

Our complex digital marketing strategy moves well beyond StreetEasy and Zillow. We partner with top-tier marketers for impressive virtual staging. We pinpoint prospective buyers and brokers and send them customized emails and social media blasts. We give your property a platform like no other, leveraging the broad reach of our digital newsletter, website, and blog. For each property, we develop a detailed, personalized approach: catering to a specific audience on a carefully planned timeline. With the power of Douglas Elliman behind us and the strategic expertise of our team at the wheel, your property is perfectly positioned for an advantageous sale.

Online, offline, in-print and in-person, your property should present a unified image to prospective buyers. We use digital marketing to expand our reach and put your property in front of thousands of potential buyers, integrating digital with print and in-person showings to deliver a single, flawless presentation.

Each property is different, which is why we come up with an individualized marketing plan for each of our listings. This not only helps keep ‘days on the market’ low, but ultimately will bring our sellers the best return on their property.  Across digital and print, we’ll tell the story of your home and its winning features.

With thousands of followers, and our own Marketing Director, we’re uniquely situated to give your property far-reaching exposure. Tracking analytics on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t.

In today’s diverse market, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach for marketing a property, and our social media strategy embraces the need for quick and constant adaptability and change.

For every new development, next step, update, and “non-update,” you’ll still receive a text or email from us. You’re a vital part of our team and as such, you can expect total transparency and continuous dialogue throughout the sales process.  That transparency informs our entire philosophy as your real estate partner. We’ll also send you analytics for social media impressions and listing views. It’s important that you are armed with all relevant feedback for us to make strategic decisions together.

As Marketing Director for the Espinal Adler Team, Cortnie Schultz has completely transformed the team’s digital marketing assets, including an entire brand redesign, upgraded responsive website, a completely revamped social media offering, and fully redesigned print asset collection, including targeted mailings, brochures and professional pitch collateral. In addition, Cortnie has worked closely with all agents on the Espinal Adler Team in an advisory role to ensure customers and clients receive a best-in-class experience through personalized content and messaging. She is constantly analyzing data from the team’s digital platforms to better understand target markets and adjust marketing efforts accordingly.

Before moving to New York City, Cortnie spent over five years successfully re-branding and marketing over 95 mixed-use, luxury residential, student, senior, and conventional multifamily properties in her portfolio within the southeastern United States and Texas. In this/these role(s) she also actively trained and acted as a main marketing and advertising resource for her company’s on-site staff members, specifically for under-performing properties to increase occupancy and generate revenue. It was because of these actions and her quantifiable accomplishments within this position that in 2016, Cortnie was recognized as the Corporate Employee of the Year by the First Coast Apartment Association and was named one of Jacksonville Business Journal’s “People on the Move”.

Originally from San Diego, Cortnie grew up in a military family and has lived in many different places including California, England, Alaska, Florida and now New York. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English with a concentration in Editing, Writing and Media from Florida State University and has her New York Real Estate License from the New York Real Estate Institute.

Cortnie Schultz

Marketing Director

575 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022

Office: 212.891.7193

Years in the industry: 11

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