Marketing Director

Working with us gives you the power of a prestigious brand name plus the laser focus of our team. We use Douglas Elliman’s vast reach to connect with thousands of prospective buyers. But when it comes to marketing your property, we have our own in-house Marketing Director, and are not reliant on Douglas Elliman’s marketing. This means, we are self-run, self-driving, and always a few steps ahead of the competition.

We aim to start showing your property as soon as possible. To do that, we have in place a marketing process for optimum efficiency. We send our marketing professionals to work right away, review materials as soon as they’re complete, and launch to market within days. When we liaise with outside parties like photographers and designers, we manage for quality and speed, working from a roster of established, proven professionals to deliver a seamless marketing plan in minimal time.


Our digital marketing strategy moves well beyond StreetEasy and Zillow. We partner with top-tier marketers for impressive virtual staging. We pinpoint prospective buyers and send them customized emails and social media blasts. We give your property a platform like no other, leveraging the broad reach of our digital newsletter, website, and blog. For each property, our team develops a detailed approach: catering to a specific audience on a carefully planned timeline. With the power of Douglas Elliman behind us and the strategic expertise of our team at the wheel, your property is perfectly positioned for an advantageous sale.

Online, offline, in-print and in-person, your property should present a unified image to prospective buyers. We use digital marketing to expand our reach and put your property in front of thousands of potential buyers, integrating digital with print and in-person showings to deliver a single, flawless presentation.


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New York, NY 10022
Office: 212.891.7193