Tax Returns & Your Income vs. Obtaining a Mortgage

Obstacle: You’re self-employed and your most recent year of tax returns show significantly more or significantly less income compared to the previous year. Why it’s an obstacle: When you borrow an amount that is considered a jumbo mortgage (north of $726,525 in NYC),...

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Analyzing NYC Real Estate, Qualitatively with Jeff Adler

Apple Peeled Question: When describing the Espinal Adler Team, we always say that Marie is quantitative, and Jeff is qualitative. I think for most people, it's easier to identify the things that fall under the umbrella of quantitative. But, it's almost as if anything...

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Good Karma

Our team spends a lot of time talking about how our values align with one another. We believe those values can be intertwined with the way we conduct our business. Do the next right thing and Karma will look favorably upon us. Most people think karma is a faith-based...

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Tools of the Trade: The Renovation Loan

We always hear that human beings are using less than 10% of their brain power, and if we could tap into the other 90%, the possibilities would be limitless. Look it up though and most scientists would say that assertion is a myth. When it comes to our jobs, we rarely...

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The Jigsaw Puzzle of Real Estate

Being a real estate agent is a lot like solving jigsaw puzzles. Some puzzles have 15 pieces and others have 1,500. The puzzles with the most pieces take longer to complete, but on multiple levels they’re almost always the most rewarding. It’s easiest for us to draw an...

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A Tale of Two Cities

Technology is shrinking the world. The other side of the planet is less mysterious than it used to be. Social media has had a figurative Pangea effect on the planet, pulling every nation and every continent closer to one another one YouTube video at a time. The effect...

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Our Trip to Saudi Arabia

Around five years ago, we were introduced to a Saudi Arabian family that loves visiting New York City. During the course of the next two years we developed a friendship while we helped them find an amazing condo in Manhattan. In business and in life, relationships are...

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Knowledge is Power

We’re preparing for an upcoming business trip. It’s been in the works for months or even longer, but its finally almost upon us. An audience on the other side of the globe waits for us to deliver our expertise. That’s a massive responsibility, one that we embrace and...

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The Art of NYC Real Estate Negotiation with Marie Espinal

In our “Ask the Experts” section this month, The Apple Peeled asked The ESPINAL ADLER Team’s very own Marie Espinal to share her insights into modern-day, New York City real estate negotiating. The Apple Peeled Question: Of all the qualities that go into being a...

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How to Manage a New York City Renovation

Renovating a property in New York City can be uniquely challenging especially if you’ve never before managed a multi-faceted project with so many logistical conundrums to consider. Dean Marco is an Associate Director at Dixon Projects, a company that provides...

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David Halberg Untangles NYC Condo & Co-Op Insurance

This month, we interviewed David Halberg, a Principal of KDB Brokerage Services, LLC, which was established in 2003.  He is a Licensed Insurance Broker for Property and Casualty, as well as Life, Accident, and Health in New York, New Jersey, and Florida.  He...

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Foreign Buying Challenges and Solutions with Martin Jajan

Martin Jajan, Founder and Managing partner at Jajan and Associates located in the Financial District, has helped hundreds of foreign national buyers purchase property in the United States. Our team asked him to share with us some of the challenges they face and some...

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Getting Pre-Qualified for a Mortgage = Basic Algebra

Written by ESPINAL ADLER Team's Real Estate Finance Specialist, Matthew Jablonski. About ten years ago, a very angry real estate agent with a slightly bruised ego screamed at me on the phone. I was a loan officer at the time and I had given our mutual client a...

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All about Mortgage Contingencies

When bidding on a property in New York City, you’ll often find yourself up against all-cash buyers or buyers who are willing to waive their mortgage contingency. Those buyers are attractive to sellers because there is one less hurdle to overcome – they do not need to...

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Mortgage Rates vs. How Much $$ is Borrowed

Did you know -  Mortgage rates are often lower when you borrow more? Is there a magic number for how much you should borrow to access lower rates? Yes. In the U.S., the vast majority of mortgages are eventually sold by lenders to government agencies Fannie Mae or...

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