“It’s not all about the money,” Marie Espinal says on our final call of the year. “That’s not the only way to measure success.” It’s something she was told her whole life: Follow your passion, do things that excite you, and the money will come. And that’s exactly how she and Jeff Adler constructed and grew ESPINAL | ADLER from the ground up. As we wrap up their twelfth year of partnership, there is a lot to reflect on. 

One of the year’s biggest takeaways is being able to collaborate as a team cohesively. “When you’re at the place where you can finish each other’s sentences, that naturally leads to better business,” says Marie. Jeff adds, “It’s everything we’ve wanted. When we talk about growth, it includes staff, revenue streams, ancillary items, and even relationships. We are optimally staffed when it comes to both the types of positions and the talent that fills them, and it’s the best we’ve ever been.” 

Everyone on the team agrees. When asked about her favorite part of working at ESPINAL | ADLER, long-time Marketing Director Cortnie Schultz says, “In the past 12 months, we’ve really fine-tuned the team into the best version of E|A that I’ve seen since I’ve been here. The agents are hardworking and very eager to grow in terms of their business and personal marketing, making my job really fun and allowing me the creative license to really help them in these areas.” 

Having Cortnie as a marketing expert is just one of the many pieces Jeff alluded to when he said the team was optimally staffed. Throughout the years, our principals have learned that having more team members does not necessarily equate to more business. It’s crucial to have the right team members, and in our case that means professionals who put meaningful relationships and client education above all else.  

ESPINAL | ADLER’s proprietary Mortgage Finance Director, Kristin Langiulli is another key piece. Kristin loves walking buyers through the financial aspects of purchasing and is excited to educate them on what it will cost to own a piece of New York City. “In today’s market, it often costs less than renting!” she says passionately. Business Coordinator Raylene Canela, who has been integral in streamlining the administrative side of buying and selling, rounds out the support team that allows our agents to do more of what they do best: offer unparalleled service to clients. Cortnie, Kristin and Raylene have been affectionately dubbed our “Lady Engine”.  

Our agents, Inez Gomez, Preston Maguire, and Jessica Wolf, match our founders’ passion to better the industry and provide clients with a best-in-class experience. “I asked a client recently why he chose me over a competitor,” Preston says, “and the answer was because I took the time to get to know him on a personal level. I didn’t just throw options at him and tell him what to buy. He felt listened to, taken care of, and educated by me. I think that sums up the team’s values pretty well.” Proving that this team is genuinely working together cohesively, Jessica adds, “It is so much more rewarding working towards your own goals when you are doing it alongside like-minded people who you admire!” 

In 2021, Jessica was thrilled to help a returning client, calling it her most memorable transaction of 2021. “We worked together when I was brand new to New York City real estate, and four and a half years later I was able to work with him again. I love working with my clients and growing with them,” she says, emphasizing the importance of strong relationships.  

For Inez, there was no greater moment of satisfaction this year than helping a family buy their first home in Westchester. “It’s a rough market right now for buyers,” she explains, “especially if it’s your first purchase. We made several offers, and they were outbid every time. Making the FaceTime call to let them know they had a deal and seeing the kids jump for joy was heartwarming.” 

What it all boils down to is that Marie, Jeff, and everyone at ESPINAL | ADLER is proud of the relationships – specifically friendships – they have built with vendors, partners, and most importantly, clients. When describing the team’s approach to service, Marie says, “There’s a constant caring, and it’s like taking care of one of our own.”  

And the money has indeed followed the passion, dedication, and hard work. With transactions totaling more than $160 million in 2021, both Marie and Jeff are humbled to be coming out of the pandemic reporting ESPINAL | ADLER’s most profitable year yet.  

With the team firing on all cylinders, reflecting on the triumphs of 2021 also has us looking forward. “I’m most excited to see the progress of all this systemization and organization,” Jeff says. “We’ve put the fundamental aspects in place so that we can carve our more time to be creative, expand the platforms we offer, and generally spend more time with the clients and friends we care about.” 

Preston sums it up best: “This business is only as fun as the people you surround yourself with.” And here at ESPINAL | ADLER, we are having the most fun possible following our passions.