Marie Espinal and Jeff Adler have been on a long professional journey together, where throughout it all, one thing remains constant: their drive to improve the industry for the benefit of the client.

This fall, amidst the unpredictable markets of a world navigating the recovery of an unprecedented upheaval, Marie is glowing with excitement, “Because now, after 12 years, all the pieces are in place.”

If you’ve ever connected with Marie, Jeff, or anyone on the ESPINAL|ADLER team, you know that we are consummate professionals who know the industry inside and out. So, what has us buzzing?

To look forward, we first have to look back. Marie and Jeff came to work together under the leadership of another broker, which quickly evolved into a three-way partnership based on their shared values and tactics.

“Marie had the long-term strategic sense that helped pull it all together,” Jeff says. “Real estate is a business built on relationships, which is why 80 percent of the business should come from referrals. That’s not how we started, but we got there in about 18 months because we’re great at holding a client’s hand and building trust.”

It may have taken 18 months, but this pair didn’t let themselves celebrate until even another year had passed. “When a deal closes, we’re supposed to buy the client a gift,” Jeff continues, “but they were buying us gifts! It was a real turning point for us to see that people loved how we worked.”

With the rise in technology, they knew they needed to offer more services than just showing buyers listings. That’s when ESPINAL|ADLER added a finance director to help buyers connect with the right loan and help sellers make sure they had a financeable sale.

“For the first time ever, we were able to tell a client ‘no, do not go with this bank for this reason,’” Marie explains with the same enthusiasm as the first time she realized the impact of this addition. “If ever there were a time to actually get up and do the football dance, this was it!”

It was in 2018 that the trio became the ESPINAL|ADLER pairing we know today, with a deep understanding of the emotions involved in real estate decisions and a drive to provide real value to everyone they meet. Now, 12 years after inception, ESPINAL|ADLER is ready for what’s next. “We have the systems, teams, and people in place to do big things!” Jeff teases.

It might be surprising to learn that this duo is actually grateful for the slowdown brought on by the pandemic. According to Jeff, “It gave us the time and ability to refine our team even further and work on some big ideas.”

Emphasis on big. We’re expanding into Westchester. We’re laying roots in southern Florida. We’re bringing authenticity and integrity into every deal and market we touch, proving to clients time and again that ESPINAL|ADLER’s eponymous leaders are the real deal. The biggest idea: bridging financing and design so that buyers can include financing for a renovation in their mortgage loan.

It might just be the product you didn’t know you needed… and that’s the benefit of using our expertise here at ESPINAL|ADLER. When you can’t find the perfect home in your price range, we’re working on a way for you to renovate your way there—all within your budget.