We’ve always thought technology was sexy as hell.

Even the packaging is hot. And we love that new phone smell!

Sure, technology has its flaws… For instance, human beings, in general, would probably be in better harmony with one another if social media was erased from our memories and from existence. That’s a pretty big accusation, but we try not to take it too personally. After all, it’s not necessarily technology’s fault. It’s people who always figure out ways to make things more complicated than they need to be. 

Technology has actually provided ways to make our lives easier. When we need a ride, we can summon an Uber by pressing a few buttons on our phone. When we need an answer to something we don’t know, we can Google it, or we can ask Siri. We’ve got smartphones, smart homes, Venmo. Amazon. Honestly, it’s a little too easy.  

You’ve gotta admit, some technology is pretty cool too. We are having crystal clear, face-to-face conversations with people on our phones – people who might be thousands of miles away. Not that long ago, that concept seemed futuristic, so things are moving pretty fast. Think about it… kids who get hoverboards for their birthdays is old news already!

Espinal|Adler fully embraces technology. We have to. When used correctly, technology can make us more efficient, more effective, more productive professionals that can be better and do more for our clients.

When business slowed in 2020, we refocused our energy. We stayed motivated. We planned. We networked. And we laid the groundwork for our most ambitious endeavors ever. To accomplish those goals, we knew we’d need to upgrade our use of technology. Specifically, we wanted to become more efficient and find new ways to wow our clients.

Like the rest of the world, we mastered Zoom last year. Then, a few months back, we started to use Microsoft Teams, so even when each member of our team is working remotely, we can log on and it almost feels like we’re all sitting in the office together. We get to bounce ideas off one another and talk through some of the challenging situations we might be up against.

Most recently we’ve added SISU, a transaction and task management platform. And after experimenting over the years with different CRMs, we’re excited to implement Chime, a platform that will help us stay in contact with our past clients and help us reach new ones too.

We’ve also written in the past about the teams’ use of Mortgage Coach, a web-based platform that helps our clients to visually differentiate one mortgage option from another, an addition that separates us from any other team in the City.

Technology is more important today than ever before. It’s the way of the world, and if we don’t get on board, the world might pass us by. That said, it’s still just a supplement to our human talents, especially in the real estate industry where the best agents and teams prove themselves year over year. 

We can see into the future and for Espinal|Adler it’s brighter than ever before.