As you’ve seen by now, and if you’ve known us for a while, you’ve noticed that we’re light on tooting our own horn. That’s not so say we don’t share moments of pride or particular accomplishments, but we steer clear of more traditional, persistent horn tooting.

We prefer to let our clients tell our story, which is how we’ve built our business over the years – from referrals of clients who have trusted us and, in turn, trust our team with their friends and family to ensure the best experience and the optimal outcome for them.

To that end, we wanted to share a client relationship story that reflects the above, based on a recently signed contract for the townhouse at 319 East 51st Street. We initially sold this property to our dear clients; after renovating it with meticulous attention to detail (and brilliantly, we might add), they entrusted us with their real estate needs, again. After successfully listing the property for them, culminating into a signed contract, we are now helping them find their new home.

To us, a client is more than just one singular transaction and this story is proof that we are committed beyond the transaction. We are committed to you and our relationship over the years, through different market cycles, and frankly through different life cycles as your needs change. We are honored and blessed to fill this role, and we never take it for granted.

Thank you for your long-term support and trust!