Eleven Madison Park … yes, you knew it was high-end. Yes, you heard that it’s delicious, and likely have fond memories of your taste-buds getting tickled. But did you know that it was just named the World’s Best Restaurant? Let’s say that again: it was just named the best, most amazing restaurant in the entire world, the second ever American Restaurant to hold this high honor. And it’s in our backyard! How can we not spotlight it this month!

Back in 1998, Danny Meyer was its original owner but he handed the reins over to Daniel Humm and Will Guidara. Since then, continuing in the delectable tradition, nothing but accolades have followed. The 8-course dinner menu costs $300/person or a mere $145 for the 5-course bar menu … a pittance compared to other restaurants that have not been graced with such a title. If you haven’t been of late, maybe it’s time you refresh your memory. If you do, let us know what you think, and how it feels to sit in a chair where hundreds of foodies from all around the world have come to experience what is otherwise a local stop for all of us.