Normally, in the Apple Bites section of the Apple Peeled, we feature several notable restaurants that might pique your palette. In this case, we have been wowed enough by Tim Ho Wan, an East Village Dim Sum Restaurant, to feature it and it alone.  Why, you ask?  Feel free to pick from among any of the enticing reasons, gathered from here and here:

  • “The world’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant.” Foodie + value?? What is there not to love!
  • “Waits as long as three and a half hours.” What die-hard New Yorker isn’t attracted to the self-punishing wait for an in-demand culinary treat?
  • “First US location … items all priced under $5.” Novelty + accessibility … who are you guessing is waiting in those lines: tourists or locals?
  • “See you later Cronut queue and Black Tap gaggle, there’s a new longest line in town.” … and yes, they have limited hours to boot.

If you’re a dim-sum fanatic, or just like being in the know and on trend, head over to Tim Ho Wan … and then drop us a little note of what you thought of it. We’ll live vicariously through you…