T’was the night before New Years, and all through New York
One could hear sounds of Brut champagne being uncorked.
Sellers rejoiced o’er a prosperous year,
While buyers embraced a less crazed atmosphere.

So what have we learned in 2016?
First, that global investors still liked the routine
Of finding safe haven from local duress
By plopping their cash in a New York address.

We realized that this year’s full real estate tale
Could largely be described on a Goldilocks scale:
Not too hot, not too cold, but just right for our taste,
Yet far different than the 2015 crazed pace.

Buyers remained motivated to buy
In no tiny part to the bond market highs
Which kept interest rates at historical lows,
Both for conforming loans and those bigger jumbos.

So markets thus followed a ho-hummish pace
Until came along this year’s presidential race.
Between it and its respective stock market swings,
Both buyers and sellers scampered to the wings.
(As you likely well know and you’ll surely agree:
real estate doesn’t mix well with uncertainty.)

Which brings us to a more non-real-estate view
Of what happened this year for our year-in-review.
Beginning with us, we are proud to proclaim
We now have Margolis | Espinal | Adler as our team name!

Our very own Howard this year became wed,
As we all wished him much happiness in beloved years ahead.
The Cubs won the series, post a century’s drought,
Ailes got himself fired in a media flameout.

Adele’s world-wide tour is now well underway,
While the Four Seasons closed, much to foodies’ dismay.
Queen Elizabeth’s age topped some 90 years old,
Living long enough to see the Brexit unfold.

Will the NYC real estate mogul succeed
Or will we be consumed by our fear and our greed?
Our city’s own outlook is robust, to be sure,
Yet the gap seems to widen between rich and poor.

Will we learn from our past? Will we heal our divide?
Will self-driving cars rule the roads nationwide?
Will the Lower East Side be next year’s trendy ‘hood?
Will L-train’s hiatus fuel the innovation it should?

Alas, we know not what the future will bring.
Most forecasts survive on a prayer and a wing.
Let’s think back and be grateful for this past, vibrant year,
And for our team being quoted here, here, here and here.

If you have a good job, go enrich others’ lives.
If you have some great friends, go give some high-fives.
If you have a nice home, bless the roof overhead,
If your family’s around, go make some gingerbread.
If you have some great kids, go give them a huge kiss.
No need to say more; you’re getting the gist.

As we end this short prose, in conclusion we write:
Happy New Year to all, and to all a good night!