The Rockefeller tree is lit and you know what that means…the winter holidays are in full swing! If you haven’t “gobbled” up Black Friday deals or Cyber Monday specials – we thought we would bring you a holiday gift guide that will surely keep on givin’! This list doesn’t include Garrett’s popcorn or socks your Uncle Milton gives you every year, but a list that will make you a superstar at any holiday party. You can thank us later.

Fossil Fitness Watch – $295

Fossil Smartwatch

We are in the tech age and these smartwatches are a must! The Q-hybrid smartwatch notifies you of incoming messages, stats and of course interchangeable bands to fit your style!

Apple TV – $149-$199

Apple TV

This is an Apple update, that won’t pester you! Get the latest Apple TV that incorporates Touch and Siri control making your TV experience, even easier. Pass the popcorn!

Amazon Echo – Alexa – $180

Amazon Echo

Adios Siri! Busy washing dishes and noticed you are out of soap? Ask Alexa to order it for you! Get updates on the weather, play Jeopardy, turn on music or even turn your lights off. This hands-free Amazon Echo will make life just a bit simpler and possibly sweeter. Hint: The Echo Dot is a smaller version and is more affordable.

Hatchimals – $70


This is THE #1 holiday gift for kids this year! Famed for the most popular toy at the 2016 Toy Fair, your child will have to take care of the egg long enough to hatch the cute little combo-animals! It will even get to a point in “life” where they will sing “Happy Birthday” to you…yes, that is a fact.

Podo Camera – $49

Podo Camera

No selfie-stick here! If you haven’t mastered that selfie, don’t fret – the Podo camera is a handy stick-on camera that will attach to almost any surface and their app will live stream the footage to your smartphone. Preorder them for 2017!

Selfie Mic Music Set – $20

Selfie Mic

If Uncle Milton loves sending you videos of himself singing Taylor Swift songs (off pitch of course), you may want to give him this selfie-mic that attaches to his smartphone! But then again…that may not be the best idea…this brings karaoke to a whole new level.


Still undecided? Here are some of our team’s favorite subscription packages that may be the perfect gift for your toughest gifter.