5th Annual Holiday Jingle

T’was the night before New Years, and all through New York
One could hear sounds of Brut champagne being uncorked.
Sellers rejoiced o’er a prosperous year,
While buyers embraced a less crazed atmosphere.

So what have we learned in 2016?
First, that global investors still liked the routine
Of finding safe haven from local duress
By plopping their cash in a New York address.

We realized that this year’s full real estate tale
Could largely be described on a Goldilocks scale:
Not too hot, not too cold, but just right for our taste,
Yet far different than the 2015 crazed pace.

Buyers remained motivated to buy
In no tiny part to the bond market highs
Which kept interest rates at historical lows,
Both for conforming loans and those bigger jumbos.

So markets thus followed a ho-hummish pace
Until came along this year’s presidential race.
Between it and its respective stock market swings,
Both buyers and sellers scampered to the wings.
(As you likely well know and you’ll surely agree:
real estate doesn’t mix well with uncertainty.)

Which brings us to a more non-real-estate view
Of what happened this year for our year-in-review.
Beginning with us, we are proud to proclaim
We now have Margolis | Espinal | Adler as our team name!

Our very own Howard this year became wed,
As we all wished him much happiness in beloved years ahead.
The Cubs won the series, post a century’s drought,
Ailes got himself fired in a media flameout.

Adele’s world-wide tour is now well underway,
While the Four Seasons closed, much to foodies’ dismay.
Queen Elizabeth’s age topped some 90 years old,
Living long enough to see the Brexit unfold.

Will the NYC real estate mogul succeed
Or will we be consumed by our fear and our greed?
Our city’s own outlook is robust, to be sure,
Yet the gap seems to widen between rich and poor.

Will we learn from our past? Will we heal our divide?
Will self-driving cars rule the roads nationwide?
Will the Lower East Side be next year’s trendy ‘hood?
Will L-train’s hiatus fuel the innovation it should?

Alas, we know not what the future will bring.
Most forecasts survive on a prayer and a wing.
Let’s think back and be grateful for this past, vibrant year,
And for our team being quoted here, here, here and here.

If you have a good job, go enrich others’ lives.
If you have some great friends, go give some high-fives.
If you have a nice home, bless the roof overhead,
If your family’s around, go make some gingerbread.
If you have some great kids, go give them a huge kiss.
No need to say more; you’re getting the gist.

As we end this short prose, in conclusion we write:
Happy New Year to all, and to all a good night!

The Jolliest Christmas Trees in NYC

It officially feels like the holidays! Snowflakes are falling, Starbucks’ famous red cups dot the City streets and holiday window displays bring out a sense of childhood wonderment this time of year. As we, ourselves, soak in the holiday magic, we couldn’t help but wonder where all the best Christmas trees were in the City! Yes, of course the Rockefeller tree comes to mind but collectively (Jewish teammates too!), we wondered where the most festive trees could be found! And so the below list was born…We put together a list of our top places to find the jolliest of Christmas trees in New York City!

South Street Seaport
This 60 foot-high Borway spruce is sure to amaze with gold, white and silver ornaments topped off with a giant star! Enjoy the holiday market, on-site Santa and more festivities throughout December 24th.

Washington Square Park
With a towering 45-foot high tree with Fifth Avenue and the Empire State Building in the distance, this may be one of the most picturesque photos you can take. In the heart of Greenwich Village, you can stop by the tree on Christmas Eve for a night of public holiday caroling!

New York Public Library
Framed by an archway in Astor Hall in the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, this may “literary” be the most unassuming place for a Christmas tree. As you enter the iconic library, you are greeted by wreaths throughout the building and a personal annotated copy of “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens!

Bryant Park
Just a short stroll from the NYPL, there is no place more festive than Bryant Park! This entire park is transformed into a Winter Village complete with a skating rank, open air-market and winter-themed restaurant! With the huge Norway spruce, garlanded with thousands of lights and ornaments – it will surely keep you in awe.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Perhaps the most intricate, the Met’s 20 foot high blue spruce tree has a base setting that intricately displays an Italian Nativity scene. With ornate Neapolitan angels and delicate lights, this tree is one that must be on your list to see this year!

American Museum of Natural History
Continuing the museum route, the American Museum of Natural History goes all-out with a nondenominational holiday tree! Decorated with none other than origami animals! With over 800-plus folded paper critters, this year’s theme is “Origami Dinosaurs Among Us”. A fun and festive tree for all ages!

Park Avenue
Although not home to a single Christmas tree, Park Avenue displays over 104 of them! Running from 54th Street to 97th Street, the Fund of Park Avenue sets up these beautiful white-lit fir trees continuing on a tradition that began in 1945 honoring fallen WWII veterans.

Wishing you the warmest holiday wishes and a bright New Year!


2017 Gift Guide

The Rockefeller tree is lit and you know what that means…the winter holidays are in full swing! If you haven’t “gobbled” up Black Friday deals or Cyber Monday specials – we thought we would bring you a holiday gift guide that will surely keep on givin’! This list doesn’t include Garrett’s popcorn or socks your Uncle Milton gives you every year, but a list that will make you a superstar at any holiday party. You can thank us later.

Fossil Fitness Watch – $295

Fossil Smartwatch

We are in the tech age and these smartwatches are a must! The Q-hybrid smartwatch notifies you of incoming messages, stats and of course interchangeable bands to fit your style!

Apple TV – $149-$199

Apple TV

This is an Apple update, that won’t pester you! Get the latest Apple TV that incorporates Touch and Siri control making your TV experience, even easier. Pass the popcorn!

Amazon Echo – Alexa – $180

Amazon Echo

Adios Siri! Busy washing dishes and noticed you are out of soap? Ask Alexa to order it for you! Get updates on the weather, play Jeopardy, turn on music or even turn your lights off. This hands-free Amazon Echo will make life just a bit simpler and possibly sweeter. Hint: The Echo Dot is a smaller version and is more affordable.

Hatchimals – $70


This is THE #1 holiday gift for kids this year! Famed for the most popular toy at the 2016 Toy Fair, your child will have to take care of the egg long enough to hatch the cute little combo-animals! It will even get to a point in “life” where they will sing “Happy Birthday” to you…yes, that is a fact.

Podo Camera – $49

Podo Camera

No selfie-stick here! If you haven’t mastered that selfie, don’t fret – the Podo camera is a handy stick-on camera that will attach to almost any surface and their app will live stream the footage to your smartphone. Preorder them for 2017!

Selfie Mic Music Set – $20

Selfie Mic

If Uncle Milton loves sending you videos of himself singing Taylor Swift songs (off pitch of course), you may want to give him this selfie-mic that attaches to his smartphone! But then again…that may not be the best idea…this brings karaoke to a whole new level.


Still undecided? Here are some of our team’s favorite subscription packages that may be the perfect gift for your toughest gifter.