Apple Bites | Alternatives For Thanksgiving Day Cooking

Just in case you’re not in the cooking mood for that special day, here are some Thanksgiving destinations to enjoy both for the experience and the food:

Rotisserie Georgette – Zagat says: Gracious” owner Georgette Farkas is a “charmer” at her UES namesake, known for “impressive” rotisserie chicken and other “home-inspired” French cooking from an “attentive” staff; the “comfortable” atmosphere is “always a pleasure”, “but you do pay for it.If this sounds delicious to you, get the menu here.

Le Coq Rico – Zagat says: It’s “whole chicken heaven” at acclaimed chef Antoine Westermann’s Flatiron offshoot of a Paris standout where “French country–style” dishes featuring responsibly farmed birds (including hens, duck and squab) are “seriously delicious” (as are the egg starters); tabs run “pricey”, but “lovely” service is another reason this newcomer is “taking off.If you are saying, “yes and yes”, check out their savory menu.

Craft – Zagat says: “Still inventive, still exciting”, this “grown-up” Flatiron American from Top Chef star Tom Colicchio offers “simply yet expertly prepared” food that’s “perfect for group sharing”, served in “warm, modern” digs by a “terrific” team; though the “one-percenter” pricing suggests “special occasions”, it’s a “worthy splurge” at any time. If this is the restaurant for you, click here to begin salivating.

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