Apple Bites | Le Coucou and Minetta Tavern

Le Coucou:

Currently ranked as the 3rd hottest restaurant this summer on Eater’s Hot Map, Stephen Starr’s Le Coucou is a must-add to your bucket list!  Starr, a well-respected restaurateur, is accompanied by internationally acclaimed Chef Daniel Rose of Spring and La Bourse et La Vie in Paris making this spot one to talk about.  With French styled cuisine for breakfast  and dinner, the exquisite menu serves everything from warm breakfast pastries to duck entrees for dinner.  Salivate over the menus here.


Minetta Tavern:

Minetta Tavern is praised consistently for their delicious steaks and their infamous burgers.  In fact, the New York Times referred to the restaurant as “the best steakhouse in the city”.  Following the spectacular reviews, their Black Label burger has been the focus of their menu for the past few years with Time Out Magazine recognizing the fan-favorite as “the first pricey burger worth every single penny”.  The Keith McNally restaurant has earned a Michelin Star and we think you should try it.  Get the menu here.



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