Traditional Home Magazine – Townhouse Cocktail Event

Margolis Team Cocktail Event

Last night we hosted Traditional Home Magazine and guests at our stunning Townhouse listing at 319 E. 51st Street.  Our impeccable six floor Townhouse listing was the perfect backdrop to host Senior Editor Designer, Tori Mellott, and her esteemed guests for a mid-summer cocktail party!  The infamous and always fun, Monkey Bar provided delicious hors d’oeuvres from tuna tartare to, our team’s favorite, homemade mini chocolate ganache pies! The specialty cocktail of the night was The Bandito – a jalapeno-infused tequila (get the recipe below).

As the guests mingled and received private tours from our team, the talented Craig Hartley played a beautiful set mixing classical tunes with today’s favorites. The 5-piece band’s private show was the highlight of the evening, gathering all of the guests to the Garden Floor as the sunset.

With all of the delightful happenings taking place inside the private event, we wanted to be sure to share some of the excitement with all of you! Therefore, we filmed a short live tour for you to experience the beauty of the Townhouse and the delight of the evening.  You can see it live, here.

We wanted to give a big thanks to all of those who attended the event and who enjoyed an evening with us at our Townhouse listing.  Stay tuned for more updates, coming soon!


The Bandito Recipe

Traditional Home Magazine Event - Bandito Recipe

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