We are changing our usual tune and exploring multiple culinary spots.  This time we are diving into the greatest specialty stores in the city:

La Boite:  this biscuit and spice niche creation is located at 724 11th Avenue, and was created by Chef Lior Lev Sercarz who has worked with some of the most sought after chefs in the world.  From the website:  “inspired by his passion for spices and the stories they tell, Lior began his own journey studying spices and their origins, eventually creating his own blends. Each of them is a reflection of a place, a moment, or cultural influence.”  La Boite’s spices and treats are sold by notable retailers like Eataly and ABC Carpet & Home.

Murray’s Cheese:  a deservedly long-time staple in the NYC cheese and dairy scene, Murray’s has proven time and time again that there’s no substitute for quality cheese, meats and specialty foods.  Murray’s makes pairing cheese with complementary nibbles and wine easy, transforming its shoppers into culinary experts with little effort. It’s home to public and private classes, and boasts its own monthly clubs of cheese, meat and pair of the month. Did we mention that it ships all around the country?

The Meadow:  the meadow is the brain child of a true salt aficionado, Mark Bitterman, boasting 100+ salts, 700+ chocolates and 280+ bitters.  With its NYC store located at 523 Hudson, it “is a true neighborhood food shop, offering a daily dosage of chocolate and flower arrangements to many loyal West Village residents.”  Mark has been featured in the NYT, The Splendid Table, ABC News and the History Channel, among others, for his extensive work on and with salt.

Economy Candy:  unlike the above specialty stores, Economy Candy is a nuts and bolts, non-pretentious, simple, family-owned candy store that literally sells all that your candy-addicted sweet tooth could possibly want.  The store is situated on the Lower East Side, and has been since 1937.  Via barrels, boxes and bins, it continues to offer one of the best varieties for candy and nuts in all of NYC.  It’s no wonder it has been referred to as “Willy Wonka’s dream”!