We expect several Manhattan neighborhoods to experience significant transformations and generate quite some buzz in 2016.  First, as Hudson Yards comes online, we expect lots of related infrastructure following suit, like restaurants and shopping.   Similarly, the southern tip of West End Avenue is seeing quite a bit of new development, invigorating the area.   Other areas we expect to increase in popularity include the East End Avenue corridor, the Lower East Side and 34th Street.   Basically, think of pockets that were previously deemed “forgotten” or merely underwhelming in terms of demand – those are likely the areas that will see an influx of activity and demand in 2016 and beyond.   Lastly, we would be remiss to not mention the impact that the 2nd Avenue subway is going to have on the entire east side.  Yes, it’s been long in the works, but people are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (pun intended) and everyone from residents to developers to shop owners are beginning to act accordingly.