The countdown is on…your list was made and checked twice.  You conquered Black Friday and clicked profusely during Cyber Monday.  Now the presents are safely tucked underneath your bed.  Ah, your work here is done…but is it?

Some say purchasing presents is only half the battle.  In fact, wrapping presents can be just as time consuming as buying them.  It’s safe to say that you spend most of your time looking for the tape dispenser or the scissors; but nonetheless it’s a process – and people may not be very excited about it.  So we are here to make the art of wrapping a bit more fun with these creative and easy ideas for the holiday season.

Top it off:

There is nothing better than topping your present with winter accents!  Elegant natural objects such as pinecones or sprigs of holly can embellish any traditional wrapping paper.  For an alternative touch, tie a holiday cookie cutter or candy cane to the ribbon.

Chalk it up:

The trendy chalkboard wrapping is back again!  Add a splash of color to this fun wrapping paper substitute with colored chalk, artistic winter scenes or personal messages for your loved ones.

Sweater weather (well almost…):

Repurpose last season’s cable knit sweater by using it to wrap small presents!  Cut the sleeves off and use hot glue to wrap around wine bottles, small presents or picture frames.  Tie a festive ribbon both horizontally or vertically around the presents for the perfect final touch.

Glitter is gold:

Holiday sparkles add a festive and lively touch to any traditional paper.  Start by wrapping boxes in kraft paper and use self-adhesive rhinestones or dot with glitter paint.  Add a holiday tag or ribbon to complete the package.