Let’s discuss something on a lighter note!  For those of you looking to renovate, stage or merely freshen up your space, we thought we’d share some insight from one of our favorite interior designers/architects Kevin O’Sullivan, of Kevin O’Sullivan & Associates, on what’s been seen in the world of interior design today.

“Its interesting to me that 75 years after “mid-century modern” brought us Jacobsen furniture and Richard Neutra architecture, we are actually seeing their ideas in practice again in New York City homes, but now re-imagined for modern living.

I am increasingly seeing New Yorkers looking for a “downtown-uptown” feel to their homes.  They want functional spaces and designs, with a minimum of undue visual clutter.  That means somewhere they can mentally relax, offering simple lines and calm colors.  Dusty hues are trending, as is black and white.

Lately, there has been a preference for apartments with bigger spaces but fewer overall rooms, rather than numerous smaller private spaces.  Within their space, people don’t want ornamentation for its own sake anymore.  That’s a big change from say 25 years ago.  I suspect improvements in technology are making it easier for people to share spaces without being in each other’s way, and that is reflected in preferences for apartments and designs.”

Kevin O’Sullivan

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